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Erika PortraitErika Gagé was born in Germany and started her career in Paris (Gallery Diana, place Vendôme). She has regularly participated in exhibitions in the Grand-Palais. She has shown her works throughout France and abroad and gained international recognition by wining numerous awards, among them the Grand Prix of the International Salon in Barbizon in 1977. Her paintings have been purchased by collectors and museums worldwide. ​ Erika paints local landscapes and flowers in which she expresses her love of nature. Her work also includes abstractions and cityscapes in which she demonstrates her fascination for the play of lights. Erika never restricts herself to one specific direction or actual trend in painting and considers the diversity of her work as her freedom. This is why her paintings are a constant surprise and a never ending discovery.


Studio Gallery

Inside Erika's StudioErika´s garden of the arts is a scenic historic place in the heart of the artist s village of Barbizon near Fontainebleau, which became the center of the pre-impressionist painting movement in the middle of the 19th century. Realizing her dream, Erika bought the 200 year old studio located in the grande rue in Barbizon in 1989. The house was a gathering place for artists, writers, and poets such as André Billy, Roland Dorgelès, Francis Carco. The studio has been entirely restored and turned back to its original splendor. Since the reopening of the studio Erika´s aim and joy is to share the beauty of her house and to pursue the tradition of creativity by presenting her work. A short walk across the studio garden will take you to the artist’s own gallery which showcases her latest works, etching, watercolour and handcrafted collectibles for visitors to purchase



A small sample of Erika's works; click to view the full-sized images.

Art Review

Ebadur Rahman (Author, Critic)

The Artist's Studio is a place of seduction and transformative power in Oscar Wilde's work. The Picture of Dorian Gray opens in a studio: Dorian is first seduced by Lord Henry Wotton's decadent pronouncements and here the picture that leads Dorian to ruin is created. The dual images of creation and decay represented by the studio draw Wilde's reader into the very public battle waging over Aestheticism, the movement that adopted Wilde as its most prominent emblem and most notorious sinner. Not surprisingly, few years prior to the publication of Dorian Gray, the little hamlet of Barbizon, on the edge of the forest of Fontainebleau, became the promised land for a group of French painters ...

... Jean-François Millet,Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot,Théodore Rousseau etc. who later came to know as the Barbizon school of painters--searching refuge form the insipid, mordant, decadent and aesthetic claustrophobia of Paris; this exodus signalled a departure from formalism--a 1824, Salon de Paris exhibition of the works of John Constable evidenced to be catalytic too -- and, with reverence and a conviction to reconnect with a source that resides within/out, a move to draw inspiration directly from Nature.

It is still in this light that Erika Gagé for over 20 years in Barbizon has unbarred the doors of her Studio to you. You may not be a working artist, maybe you are trying to find form for your creative energies or trying to use art-making to come closer to yourself. At her Studio, Erika provides a ground for experiencing the passion and working with the challenges of bearing those gifts that are uniquely your own.The rounded-corner of the studio provides plenty of light and beautiful views of the garden. A short walk across the garden will take you to Erika's Gallery which showcases her latest works, etching, watercolour and handcrafted collectibles for visitors to purchase.

If you are visiting France and planning to come to Barbizon -- a Montmartre in the woods -- come and see Erika’s Au Jardin des Arts, see her personal working environment, works in progress and visit the gallery with completed works, peruse, and perhaps purchase something exquisite, charming and charged with history to add to your collection or to live with. (You can pre-book for painting lessons and group visits of the studio) Permit yourself to stop and get enchanted in Barbizon.



Bed at Barbizon Art GiteErika and her daughter offer short and long term stays at the two self-catering lodgings (gîtes) located on the property. The gîtes share the floral courtyard which connects to the artist's studio in the rear. You will be staying next to the 200 year old studio in buildings refurbished in all their original splendor. The rentals are located in the center of the village, surrounded by quaint cafes, restaurants, stores and galleries. The Millet and Ganne museums are both a stone's throw away and the famous forest of Barbizon is practically in downtown Barbizon's backyard. To make a commission-free booking, please visit Barbizon Art Gîte; you can also book through on AirBnb.

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